Mosquitoes have the ability to steal the attention at any outdoor event, family gathering, or relaxing downtime spent outside of your home. At Aggieland Green, we can provide relief with our Barrier Mosquito Control in the Brazos Valley to stop mosquitoes from being the center of the conversation at your next event.

Professional Mosquito Control

If mosquitoes have taken up residence in and around your backyard, we know you want them gone fast. Our mosquito control team can quickly give you a quote over the phone, so we can get started right away. Our mosquito exterminators move quickly to create a customized treatment plan to significantly reduce the mosquito population of your yard, keep them from re-establishing a pervasive presence, and allowing you to start enjoying your backyard again.

Our Mosquito Control Process

Once you contact us about your mosquito control needs, you’re on the path towards a more enjoyable backyard. We take pride in our ability to significantly reduce your mosquito problem quickly, and we work to keep you informed throughout the entire mosquito control process. When you utilize our mosquito control treatment program, you can expect:

  • A free mosquito control quote – a friendly member of our staff will answer your questions and provide a quick, free quote for our services.
  • A custom treatment plan – We identify where mosquito activity is and create a plan to quickly address the issue, lowering their numbers by more than 90 percent.
  • Recurring treatments – to keep mosquitoes from re-establishing in your yard, our mosquito control plan includes monthly treatments.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – we’re not happy unless you’re happy! When you sign up for a mosquito control program, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with free service calls in between treatments if needed.

We know where to find mosquitoes and how to stop them. Mosquitos are commonly found in shady, dark areas or around standing and stagnant water. To effectively disrupt their rapid breeding cycle, we recommend treating your yard every 21-30 days during peak mosquito season to keep these flying, biting pests away. When treating your lawn, we pay close attention to treating bushes and trees, along with any other well-shaded areas, as well as eliminating standing water.

Our expert mosquito control technicians don’t only want to reduce the mosquitoes in your backyard, but also want to educate you on ways you can slow the return of mosquitoes over time. We will provide advice, tips, and tricks that you and your family can use to better enjoy your outdoor space for longer! And with our multi-program discount, your family can enjoy lawn care and mosquito control at a lower cost than ever before.

Protect Your Family from Deadly Disease

Besides being a nuisance, mosquitoes are also carriers of many deadly diseases, which can be transmitted through a bite to you, your family member, or even your pets. Common to tropical areas, mosquito-borne illnesses can still affect your family. The most concerning diseases that mosquitos may carry are:

  • Zika Virus
  • West Nile Virus
  • Dengue Fever
  • And Chikungunya Virus

Reducing the mosquito population in your yard through a professional mosquito control plan with Aggieland Green can drastically lower your risk of bites and disease.

Friendly, Experienced Technicians

As professional technicians, our team undergoes rigorous and ongoing training to know how to effectively treat your home for mosquitoes. We are certified and licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture to properly handle and apply pesticides in a safe and effective manner to eliminate pests while keeping you and your family safe.

But more than just certified, we believe in doing good work for our community of fellow Aggies. We are proud of our community and aim to do right by all those that we serve. We hire Aggie graduates and are an Aggie 100 company as well as a Newman 10 recipient. The day before each treatment, you can count on a text or email reminding you of our visit and giving you the time needed to make any preparations for your mosquito control treatment. We also send a detailed email summary of the service we provided after each of our visits.

Enjoy Your Backyard, Guaranteed

Too many mosquito control companies offer guarantees full of fine print. At Aggieland Green, we like to keep things simple. That is why we offer one guarantee: we’re not happy unless you are! If you are unsatisfied with the mosquito control services we provided, just let us know — we’ll come right back to solve your problem!

Are you ready for a lawn you can be proud of?