The Brazos Valley is home to dry summers, high humidity, and extreme, high temperatures. We know these conditions are not very beneficial to your yard, but at Aggieland Green, we understand the Texas climate and seasonal changes. Let us help you get the yard of your dreams with our customized programs and locally-blended, high-quality products, created to target the specific needs of your lawn.

Lawn Care in the Brazos Valley

At Aggieland Green, we are a lawn care company in College Station that understands what it takes to have a beautiful yard in the Brazos Valley, and we have it down to a science. Since 2008, our experienced, knowledgeable technicians have been diagnosing and treating lawns with customized programs, targeting each lawn’s specific needs. Using the highest quality products available, our technicians will keep your lawn healthy while minimizing weeds, insects, and disease problems.

Our Lawn Care Process

Is your yard struggling from inadequate lawn care, or perhaps has been neglected altogether? Whether you have St. Augustine, Bermuda, or Zoysia grass, our experienced technicians will protect your yard with our premier lawn care College Station, lawn care in Bryan, and the surrounding areas in the Brazos Valley. Our custom lawn care program includes:

  • Custom treatment for each individual lawn based on the condition of the lawn at the time of treatment, type of grass, amount of shade, soil composition, and current climate pattern.
  • Locally blended fertilizers, custom made with our specifications for College Station and Bryan’s unique soil, water, and difficult growing conditions.
  • Three (3) unique applications of preventative weed pre-emergents, timed at critical points during the year for a more complete weed suppression solution.

At Aggieland Green, we don’t stop there. Our goal is to go above and beyond your expectations. With our Lawn Care Program, you can also expect:

  • Chinch bug and grubworm prevention
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • Crabgrass suppression and control
  • Nutgrass suppression and control

  • Grey leaf spot control
  • Spring Brown Patch spot treatment (as needed)
  • Fall Brown Patch disease prevention

We don’t just stop there. At Aggieland Green, we offer several additional services, available as options if your yard is in need of a little bit of extra care, including:

  • Flower bed fertilization
  • Soil amendments
  • Aeration

The day before each service, you can expect an email or text as a gentle reminder to make proper arrangements, such as unlocking your gate, or bringing your pets inside, so that we can do our part successfully. Next, we will send you an email after each service, giving you a summary of what your lawn received during our visit, along with any specific conditions our technicians noticed while treating your yard. Our trusted technicians will also provide follow up care instructions, and recommendations for the future of your lawn’s health.

Knowing What’s Right For Your Lawn

When knowing what is best for your yard, we consider several factors that might affect your lawn’s health. We consider the shade/sun slope, weather trends, and soil compaction, allowing us to cater to the individualized needs of each lawn we service. Our understanding of the local water quality along with soil pH and makeup further improves our service and your results. With multiple Texas A&M graduates on our staff, our technicians are all professionally trained to correctly spot abnormalities, identify the cause, and target each specific lawn care problem we find. Our professional, clean cut, and uniformed technicians are lawn care certified and committed to providing the best service available.

As an Aggie 100 company, and a Newman 10 recipient, Aggieland Green proudly provides the highest quality of service, offering more inclusive programs than our competitors. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, and make it our mission to show you why our work is better than others, not through words, but through results.

Keep Track of Your Progress Online

We notate the observations and lawn conditions on a tablet that links back to your account. We keep track of these conditions over time to track your lawn and landscape’s health, making recommendations accordingly.

Even better, you can also keep track of the progress of your lawn, notations by your technician, and view your account history on our secure customer website. You can easily make payments, sign up for additional services, and even interact with us if you have any questions.

An Honest, Straight-Forward Guarantee

We understand that choosing a lawn care company can be a big commitment. This is why we like to keep things simple, honest, and straight-forward for our customers – no fine print. Our team is professional, reliable, and knowledgeable, always aiming to provide top-notch customer service. To accomplish this, we make a guarantee to every customer we work with: We’re not happy unless you are. This simple promise means that if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, we’ll come back out to your home to quickly resolve the problem. Aggieland is a local company, meaning we are neighbors and friends of the community. We stand firmly behind everything that we do – it’s as simple as that.

Are you ready for a lawn you can be proud of?