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Don’t Let Mosquitoes Control Your Yard

Are mosquitoes getting in the way of enjoying your backyard? Let Aggieland Green take care of your problem. Aggieland Green’s experienced, trusted, and friendly technicians proudly offer Mosquito Barrier Control treatments, letting you enjoy your outdoor living space once again!

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Aggieland has taken our dry, unfertilized, weak, bug ridden lawn and transformed it in a short amount of time to the lush, green carpet it is today.

College Station

Mosquito Control in College Station

At Aggieland Green, we understand exactly how difficult it can be to enjoy your backyard when it’s swarming with mosquitoes, and we understand that you want them gone fast! That’s why we offer quick quotes over the phone, allowing us to be able to get started as soon as possible! Aggieland’s knowledgeable technicians create customized treatment plans, specific to the current mosquito activity around your home. Customized mosquito control treatments allow us to act fast in significantly reducing the mosquito population in your yard. When you call Aggieland, you’ll finally be able to rest easy, remembering how it feels to really enjoy your yard.

Protect Your Home and Family

With the hot Texas climate, mosquitoes can become a real issue in College Station. But when you call us, one of our experienced technicians will quickly be on their way, and you can rest easy knowing that your mosquito problems are soon to be solved. Aggieland technicians take pride in their work, with trusted treatments resulting in significant reductions in your mosquito population. With our Mosquito Barrier Control, you can expect:

  • A free quote on mosquito control. One of our friendly Aggieland staff members will easily and efficiently answer your questions and provide a free quote on our services.
  • A custom treatment plan. Our Technicians will identify where the mosquito activity is and create an individualized, custom treatment plan, made to quickly address the issue while lowering their numbers by more than 90%.
  • Recurring Treatments. To keep mosquitoes from reestablishing in your yard, our recurring treatments every 21-30 days help to keep the mosquito population under control.
  • Satisfaction, Guaranteed. Aggieland Green isn’t happy unless you’re happy! When signing up for our mosquito control program, you’ll enjoy peace of mind with our free service calls in between treatments if needed!

Prevent, Control, and Educate

Not only do our trusted Aggieland Technicians want to reduce your yard’s mosquito population while preventing future populations, we want to educate our customers on ways they can make the most of their mosquito control. At Aggieland, we want you and your family to have every chance to enjoy your outdoor sanctuary! We love going the extra mile, and by educating our customers with useful tips and tricks on slowing down mosquito population growth, we help them to get the best, in-depth service available. And don’t worry, with our recurring treatment plan, you receive free service calls if needed, so you can relax knowing your mosquito population is under control.

Get Deadly Diseases Under Control

Mosquitoes aren’t only the backyard party crashers – they’re carriers of many deadly diseases. Easily transmitted through a single bite, your family and your pets could be in danger. More common in tropical climates, mosquito-borne illness can affect the families of the Brazos Valley as well. The possible mosquito-borne threats local to College Station, Texas include:

  • Zika Virus
  • West Nile Virus
  • Dengue Fever
  • Chikungunya Virus

Allow Aggieland to help protect your family by stepping in and creating a custom mosquito treatment plan, drastically reducing the mosquito population in your yard. By reducing your mosquito populations, you can potentially protect and save your family and pets from dangerous diseases. 

Put Your Trust in the Best

Since 2008, Aggieland Green has been a leader in the College Station area. We take pride in hiring local Texas A&M grads and supporting our community. At Aggieland, we like keeping things simple, and we won’t bog you down with the hassle of fine print. We offer our customers one simple guarantee: we aren’t satisfied until you are! Aggieland Green is deeply concerned with the needs of our customers, and that’s why if you aren’t completely happy, one of our experienced, trusted technicians will come back and solve the problem!

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