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The Best Lawn Care in College Station—Guaranteed!
The products and techniques you use to maintain your lawn have a big impact on its health and appearance. With Aggieland Green, you can get the family-and-pet-friendly lawn care in College Station you’ve been searching for at prices you’ll love. Call us today for a free estimate!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Aggieland Green has taken our dry, unfertilized, weak, bug ridden lawn and transformed it in a short amount of time to the lush, green carpet it is today.

College Station

Lawn Care in College Station

Keeping your lawn lush and healthy year-round can be a chore. As living organisms, lawns need ongoing and personalized care to keep them looking their best, and the average homeowner rarely has the experience needed to help their lawn reach its fullest potential. With Aggieland Green, you’ll have the benefit of working with expert lawn technicians who have been providing lawn care in College Station since 2008. Our service is thorough and customizable to give you a lawn that’s healthy from the roots up. In addition to using only the highest-quality family-friendly treatments, we are also proud to offer contract-free treatment plans for your convenience. 

Our lawn treatments include the following:

  • Complete weed control for crab grass, nutgrass, broad leaf, and more.
  • Customized fertilizer blends based on local soil and climate factors.
  • Pest treatments and prevention for grub worms, chinch bugs, webworms, and more.
  • Brown patch and disease prevention.
  • Professional consultation on how to best care for your lawn.
  • And more!

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Guaranteed Reliable Lawn Treatments

As an Aggie 100 company and previous Newman 10 recipient, our team at Aggieland Green is dedicated to providing the best service possible when you work with us. The motto behind our work is simple: we’re not happy unless you are! When you choose us for lawn care in College Station, you’ll have the security of knowing that if you have any concerns about your lawn, all you have to do is call us: we’ll set up an appointment within 48 hours to reassess and re-treat your lawn as needed, at no additional cost to you! With us, your lawn will be in good hands.

In addition to our standard lawn care package, we also offer these additional services:

  • Lawn aeration
  • Season-long fire ant prevention
  • Tree and shrub fertilization
  • Insect (aphid) prevention

Mosquito Control in College Station

It’s hard to appreciate the hard work you’ve put into your lawn when you’re being swarmed by mosquitoes! These bloodsucking pests can be a challenge to prevent without professional assistance thanks to their ability to fly and to reproduce in bodies of water as small as a bird bath or puddle! Lucky for you, our team at Aggieland Green is proud to offer top-of-the-line mosquito control in College Station. Relying on guaranteed green products, formulas, and technicians with over a decade of experience, our treatments are here to provide you the relief you’ve been waiting for. 

Get 25% off mosquito control

Get Guaranteed Mosquito Treatments for as Low as $55!

Mosquitoes’ bites are more than just annoying: these insects carry a range of dangerous illnesses, including Zika Virus, Yellow Fever, Malaria, and more. When you invest in mosquito control in College Station, you deserve to know that the solutions you get are built to last—and that’s just what you can expect with Aggieland. When you work with us, you’ll receive the following:

  • An inspection by one of our trained experts.
  • Monthly treatments for long-lasting protection.
  • Reduction of your mosquito population by a minimum of 90%!
  • Treatment plans starting as low as $55/treatment!
  • Guaranteed protection—if mosquitoes return, so will we!

Make Your Lawn the Envy of the Neighborhood

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