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N-Ext Air-8™ Lawn Aeration

A revolutionary new liquid aeration method designed to loosen topsoil and encourage deeper rooting for greater oxygenation and the heathiest lawn.

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What Is N-Ext Air-8™ Lawn Aeration?.

N-Ext Air-8™ is the natural and biological approach to the old, out-of-date traditional aeration loosens compacted soil and creates breathability, which encourages deeper roots and a thicker, healthier, and drought-tolerant lawn!

The Benefits Of Liquid Aeration

  • The goal of aerating a lawn is to get more oxygen, water, and nutrients into the root zone and is especially helpful for recovering thin areas.
  • N-Ext Air-8 biologically loosens the soil through high pH shock and flushes acids down and into plant roots. This is a quick reaction and allows for more space in the soil and greater movement for both roots and water than with mechanical aeration.
  • This technique allows the soil structure to be split at a much smaller scale, allowing for deep penetration of water, so aeration is not restricted to the depth or frequency of mechanical tines. Roots in turn, are able to make nutrients available that were previously unreachable by the plant.
  • There is no need to mark sprinkler heads, invisible fences, or cable lines.
  • It is safe for new sod and perfect for sloped spaces (which often need aeration most to help with runoff issues), which is a huge benefit over mechanical aeration.
  • N-ext Air-8 can be done anytime during the growing season as there is ABSOLUTELY NO HEALING TIME or plugs left all over the lawn. 
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N-Ext Air-8™ For the Seasons
How Often To Air-8 Your Lawn?

Spring – after the winter, lawns are more compacted than at other times of the year. Aeration reduced the compaction, allowing oxygen and moisture into the ground to encourage healthy spring growth.

Summer – This product now allows us to perform aeration at any time of the growing season. Summer is now even a great time to apply an organic aeration product to your lawn.

Fall – this time of year typically finds a lot of compaction due to root growth from perennial grasses; aeration loosens up the root mass and soil, providing needed oxygen and moisture to the roots.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I have been very impressed with how much better our trees look this season since you deep root fed them this spring."

Garner M., Bryan

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