We believe in offering a complete lawn care service experience, eliminating the need for expensive add-ons and one-offs. This belief and practice allow you to enjoy a beautiful yard without unnecessary worries. At Aggieland Green, we know that lawn care services in Byran/College Station can be tricky. The summer months here are dry, hot, and void of rainfall when we need it the most, creating a not-so-friendly environment for a healthy lawn. As local lawn care professionals, we know these difficult growing conditions better than anyone and build custom lawn care treatments programs based on that knowledge to cater towards your lawn’s individual needs.

Customized Lawn Care to Fit Your Needs

Aggieland Green technicians know that no two yards are the same, especially when it comes to Bryan and College Station’s unique soil, water, and other difficult growing conditions. Since 2008, our lawn care technicians have been perfecting our customized treatment plans, making sure they are specific to the individual needs of your yard. Our custom lawn care service is based on several factors, including:

  • Condition of your lawn at the time of the treatment
  • Type of grass or grasses
  • Amount of shade
  • Soil composition
  • Current climate pattern

Not only do our technicians take these factors into consideration, but they also go a step further, blending fertilizers to create personalized lawn applications tailored just for your lawn. Our custom made, locally blended fertilizers are made specifically to address what your soil is missing. This optimizes your lawn’s growth abilities, ensuring better results compared to standard fertilizers.

Prevention and Control

Not only is it important to build a good lawn care foundation, but it’s important to maintain that good foundation with ongoing lawn care services. We take preventative steps to ensure weeds and disease don’t undo the progress your lawn has made. Our Three (3) unique applications of weed pre-emergents are strategically timed for critical times during the year for a more complete weed suppression solution within our Custom Lawn Care Program, the preventative lawn services we also include are:

  • Chinch bug & Grubworm prevention
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • Crabgrass suppression and control
  • Nutgrass suppression and control
  • Grey Leaf spot control
  • Spring Brown Patch spot treatment as needed
  • Fall Brown Patch prevention as needed
  • Seasonal watering and mowing recommendations

If our technicians find that your lawn or landscape needs some additional help, Aggieland Green also proudly offers the following add-ons to our lawn care programs:

  • Fire ant control
  • Aeration
  • Flower bed fertilization
  • Mosquito control

Weed Control in Bryan/College Station

Here in Bryan/College Station, weed control can be quite the hassle to handle on your own. Healthier grass leaves less room for weeds – but why waste time reinforcing your grass and spraying your lawn when you can let professionals handle all of your lawn care services for you? Since we opened our doors in 2008, we’ve been able to offer the most effective weed treatments in Bryan/College Station because we know the local land like the back of our hand. Our lawn care expertise allows you to relax while we transform your yard for you.

Custom Treatments For Your Unique Situation

No two lawns are the same, so why should lawn treatments be the same, too? At Aggieland Green, we believe in tailoring our weed treatments to meet the needs of each individual lawn. When you partner with Aggieland Green for weed control, you can expect:

  • A custom treatment based on the needs of you and your lawn
  • Unique applications of preventative weed pre-emergents, that are critically timed each season for a complete weed suppression solution.
  • Guaranteed weed control in College Station for broadleaf, nutsedge, and grassy annual weeds such as Crabgrass, Poa, Wild Rye, Nutgrass, and more!

Fire Ant Control in Bryan/College Station

Fire ants are a dangerous pest that you don’t want anywhere near your property. Have you spotted a fire ant mound on or around your property? If so, it’s time to take action before your loved ones are threatened. These red ants may seem tiny and harmless, but they are capable of causing very painful bites — and lots of them. Here at Aggieland Green, we offer fire ant control so your family and pets can be protected.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Do your kids or pets love to run around outside? If so, make sure they won’t step on a fire ant hill! Our fire ant control will rid your yard of fire ants so you can enjoy spending time outside in peace. Our program is customized to meet the needs of you and your yard. With us, fire ant bites will be a worry of the past!

Communication is Key

To provide our customers with the best service possible, we work to keep them informed every step along the way. Our lawn car service technicians take detailed notes throughout the entire lawn care process, documenting your lawns conditions, improvements, and areas that need further attention. We make all of these notes available to you on your online account.

Additionally, our team alerts you before every scheduled visit, reminding you to make proper arrangements for our visit, including arrangements for your pets, unlocking your gates, and any other special needs. But we don’t just stop there. After every visit, we give you a detailed report of what we did while we were there and what we saw, keeping you in the loop at all times.

Complete Satisfaction, We Guarantee It

Aggieland Green is a lawn care company local to College Station, supporting our community and proudly hiring local Texas A&M graduates. Since 2008, our technicians have been providing the highest quality service with the most inclusive lawn care services available in Bryan/College Station. Our caring and friendly team is truly concerned with addressing our customers’ full range of needs while going above and beyond their expectations. To back up these claims, we offer one simple guarantee – we aren’t happy unless you are! If you are unsatisfied for any reason, let us know. We’ll come back out to your home to make it right!