We receive many questions about our lawn service company from clients and prospective clients alike. We’ve put together this list of the most frequently asked lawn care questions that we receive at Aggieland Green. If your questions aren’t answered below, please feel free to fill out a contact form, call us at 979-272-6866, or to email kersten@aggielandgreen.com.

Q: What is included in the Lawn Health Program?

  1. 7 visits per season year for St. Augustine lawns, 6 visits per season for Bermuda & Zoysia lawns. There may be less, depending on the time of the year in which you sign up.
  2. Extended-release, custom-blended Aggieland Green fertilizer.
  3. Guaranteed weed control of broadleaf weeds.
  4. Guaranteed weed control of grassy annual weeds (except bluestem and bahia, and
    Dallisgrass, which requires special attention upon individual assessment).
  5. Guaranteed weed control of nutsedge (“nutgrass”);
  6. Chinch bug and grub worm prevention;
  7. Prevention and suppression of fall brown patch fungus and other disease issues and
    spot treatment available throughout the year (available as a premium service for St.
    Augustine and Zoysia lawns only);
  8. Access to our watering guidelines and real-time watering recommendations throughout
    the year; and
  9. Free service calls for weeds or any other concerns

Q: What is considered an “add-on” service apart from the Lawn Health Program?

  1. Organic Lawn Air-8 (recommended at least once per year in spring but can be scheduled in the fall too);
  2. Guaranteed No Fire Ant Treatment (1x application, lasts all year long with free service
    calls if necessary);
  3. Mosquito Treatment (1x service, anytime between March-November, no service calls);
  4. Mosquito Barrier Service (21-28 days apart, March-November, with free service calls if
    necessary, 10% discount offered for those on full lawn health program);
  5. Flower bed pre-emergent weed control program (3x per year, granular application, no spraying, no service calls);
  6. Flower bed fertilization (3x per year, granular);
  7. Flower bed grubworm treatment (as needed)
  8. Borer treatment, Systemic Insect Treatment to prevent aphids and scale, Deep Root
    Fertilization of shade trees (DRF in November-January only);
  9. Armyworm treatment (Only a threat to Bermuda grass);
  10. Fungicide treatment for take-all root rot; and
  11. Bahiagrass treatment
  12. Sulfur Soil Amendment
  13. Gypsum Soil Amendment

Q: What if I want to meet with a technician to look at my yard?

Once you receive your estimate and accept it, we will get your first service scheduled. As part of the on-boarding process, you have the option to meet with a technician to assess your yard and provide you with any additional recommendations as necessary. Although it is not required to meet with him, if you have specific questions this is a great opportunity to walk your yard with him and assess your starting point. We are confident that whatever issues you are experiencing we will be able to address. Adhering to our watering guidelines, preventing pests and disease, and proper fertilization and weed control can bring your lawn a long way.  If you have any questions after your first treatment, please contact our office and we will be happy to help!

Q: How often are treatments scheduled for the lawn health program?

Depending on the time of year, the condition of the lawn, and when you sign up to begin services, treatments will occur between 1-2 months apart. This is how we guarantee our weed control so it is very important to stay on schedule. Programs include 6-7 treatments per year, so we will never charge you for more than what you sign up for unless an add on service is explicitly authorized by you.

Q: How do I schedule services? How do I know when you are coming?

We will automatically schedule your service based on when your next visit is due. We service lawns neighborhood-by-neighborhood for efficiency. We will notify you of our visit via email or the day before your planned service. If you have to reschedule, we will try our best to get you back on the schedule ASAP; however, because we schedule by neighborhood it is difficult to guarantee a specific reschedule date. If you are notified that we are planning to visit but it is not a good day, please let us know what is going on and we are usually able to work around it. (For instance, if your mowers are planning to come, we will simply note your mowing day and come by AFTER the lawn is mowed.) It is imperative that we keep you on track with your neighbors the best we possibly can, so please reschedule only if it is absolutely necessary.

Q: Do I need to be home in order for a technician to treat my lawn?

You do not need to be home at the time of service. Please be sure you leave your gate unlocked and pets are left indoors if you know we are planning to visit. If you have specific questions about anything going on in your lawn, please contact our office prior to your service so that we can best address these concerns during your planned visit. Please reference your after-service email for feedback on your lawn regularly.

Q: Am I locked into a contract once I sign up for your services?

We do not require signed contracts; however, we do not perform one-time services or function as an as-needed service. Our timing is intentional and based on 10+ years experience with common turf-related issues for our area. We want to show you the value in our lawn program and for you to be happy. Turning an unhealthy lawn around takes several months or more in some cases. Please have patience with your lawn and it’s progress if it has a long way to go. If you are less-than-satisfied, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can discuss and make things right. If you move or decide you would like to cancel, we ask that you notify us in writing as the services are set to renew from season to season for your convenience. Some promotions may include specific terms, for instance, if you receive a month of free service or free application, we ask for a verbal commitment of 12 months.

Q: How can I pay for my services?

We off a few easy payment options:

  • Credit card autopay after each service is performed;
  • Automatic draft from your checking account via ACH transfer;
  • Equal monthly installments billed to your credit card or ACH on the 1st or 15th of each month; or
  • We offer a 4% discount for prepaying for 2020 services upfront.

Q: Do you offer?

  1. Bed weed spraying? No, we offer granular pre-emergent treatments. (Seasonal bed weeding or spraying is still recommended; however, this service greatly reduces the occurrence of unwanted and unsightly weeds)
  2. Bed weeding? No, but we are happy to make a referral!
  3. Tree and shrub spraying for insects? No, only our systemic insect treatment, which is a better and longer-lasting approach to treating insect related issues.
  4. Irrigation services? No, but we are happy to give you a referral.
  5. Treatment for Borers? Yes.
  6. Treatment for diseases on trees/shrubs? No.
  7. Tree consulting? No.

Q: Do you perform core aeration?

Aggieland Green is always striving to be on the leading edge in our industry. With advancements in the lawn care market, we’re proud to offer a solution that works better and is more convenient for you. We’re thrilled to announce our innovative aeration technique called “Organic Air-8.” This natural and biological approach to the old, out-of-date traditional aeration does more to create the same benefits. The best part is you no longer need to flag sprinkler heads, no more aeration plugs left behind all over your yard, no more healing time, and better results! Organic Air-8 is safe for new sod, and includes aeration of hard-to-reach areas like the strip of grass between the sidewalk and street and sloped areas which are otherwise omitted with core aeration.  Furthermore, with core aeration, loosening the soil is restricted to where the tines remove cores, which is only about 2-3 inches deep. “Organic Air-8” uses humates and carbon to loosen the soil and create air exchange deep within the soil, which allows air, water, and nutrients to get down in the soil profile. A lawn with deeper roots is more drought tolerant, needs less frequent irrigation, and is thicker and healthier!

Q: Does Aggieland Green perform one-time service?

We do not offer one-time lawn treatment services. Our lawn care services are a culmination of a comprehensive lawn management program that is designed to maintain a healthy lawn free of damaging insects, weeds, and diseases. One-time services do not yield long-lasting results because weeds are constantly germinating and lawn damaging pests are active throughout most of the year in Texas.

Q: Do you have to do all 6 or 7 treatments, or do you have anything with less visits?

We offer a budget program that includes 4 treatments per year. Treatments are NOT quarterly. Partial programs include less fertilization visits for the year, basic weed control, which only includes broadleaf weeds, and 1 treatment during the summer for chinch bug suppression. You don’t get any disease control (brown patch treatment), the full chinch bug protection that we recommend, grub control, nutgrass control, or grassy weed control. Since we’re not providing our full program, we don’t guarantee weed control or protection from damaging insects, nor do we include the benefit of free service calls with the partial program. Our full program is much more comprehensive and the results are much better.  Discounts are not applicable to partial programs.

Q: Is it safe for my children and animals to be in the yard after a treatment?

The safety of family and pets is of the utmost importance to us! We will always send a trained professional to your lawn and we only use the safest products we are able to source. By applying them correctly, we eliminate the possibility of overusing or misusing any pesticides or weed control products. This is one of the biggest benefits of using our service! For best results, we ask you to allow the treatment 1-2 hours without disturbances to be sure that the weed control can dry. After that, it is perfectly fine to go about normal routine in the yard! Our technicians leave behind a door hanger with the time of your treatment listed and it is also indicated in your after-service email.

Q: I have had a couple of treatments but I still have weeds. What’s going on?

Weeds are germinating throughout the year and become strong and flourish in the summertime and hardy and woody in the winter, which can be difficult to eradicate. Our goal is to minimize weeds as much as possible using strategically timed pre-emergent treatments. Broadleaf weeds are the most common weeds and easiest to control, grassy weeds tend to be stronger and more resilient and may require extra attention, and nutsedge has no preventative, so it is a weed that can only be sprayed once emerged from the soil.  We are happy to set up a service call to treat the weeds at no additional charge as long as you are on a full program, 2 weeks from your most recent service. If weeds are a major concern for you, please delay mowing 1-2 days following your service or service call to allow that product as much time as possible to treat weeds.

Q: How does mowing fit into all of this? What if my mowers are scheduled to come? I don’t want this treatment to go to waste!

Aggieland Green does NOT perform mowing services. If you are in need of a mowing company, please let us know and we are happy to refer someone. If you have a mowing service, please let us know if they come on a certain day and we will note that on your account. This does NOT guarantee that your service will not be scheduled that day, but if we are aware of the mowing day, we are able to accommodate so that the lawn is mowed before we treat it or we will reschedule

  • Mowing is an essential task that greatly affects the health of the lawn. During the growing season, it is imperative that your lawn is mowed on a consistent (weekly or bi-weekly) basis. Neglecting to mow on a consistent basis allows weeds to become strong and difficult to control, and negatively affects the health of the turf. An example of this is the buildup of thatch that occurs when the lawn is not mowed on a regular basis. In St. Augustine lawns, this behavior can lead to fungal issues that otherwise may not exist. Regardless of your grass type, heavy grass clippings are never ideal and can cause areas to die back.
  • For all treatments, it is perfectly fine for the lawn to be mowed before we visit unless your specific concern is nutgrass control, as nutgrass can be particularly difficult to spot in freshly mowed grass.
  • After our treatment we recommend holding off 1-2 days before mowing for best results with weed control.
    • This is not always possible, and we understand that. If your mowers are scheduled to come and we have recently treated, water in your treatment prior to mowing.
  • If your mowers come unexpectedly after our visit and they leave the grass clippings on the lawn, your treatment was not wasted! Water in the treatment ASAP to work the product down into the thatch layer.
    • If your lawn is mowed before the treatment can be watered in, simply monitor your lawn and contact us after 2 weeks if you feel like a follow-up weed service call is necessary.