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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many questions from clients and perspective clients alike. We've put together this least of the most frequently asked lawn care questions that we receive at Aggieland Green. If your questions isn't answered below, please feel free to fill out a contact form, call us at 979-690-7300, or to email

1. What’s included in the lawn health program?

  • Extended-release, custom blended fertilizer
  • Guaranteed weed control for broadleaf weeds
  • Guaranteed weed control for grassy annual weeds (crabgrass, poa, wild rye)
  • Guaranteed weed control for nutsedge (nutgrass)
  • Chinch bug and grub worm prevention
  • Spot treatment of lawn diseases
  • Prevention and suppression of fall brown patch fungus (available as a premium service for St. Augustine and zoysia lawns)
  • Access to our watering guidelines throughout the year

2. What’s not included in the lawn health program?

  • Aeration*
  • Guaranteed fire ant control*
  • Flowerbed weed control*
  • Flower bed fertilization fertilization*
  • Control of perineal grasses (dallis grass, bahia, bluestem)
  • St. Augustine and bermuda grass intrusion
  • Tree and shrub spraying*
  • Armyworm service calls*

3. Does a technician need to visit my lawn in order for me to receive an estimate?

Most of the time we are able to measure the treatment area from the office. However, there are circumstances that require a technician to examine the yard before giving an estimate.

4. Am I locked into a contract once I sign up for your services?

Our customers do not sign a contract. You are welcome to contact us about terminating your services at any time.

5. How can I pay for my services?

You are welcome to prepay for the season to save 4%, or we can set up Auto Pay and securely keep a credit card on file and charge it once your service is completed. We also offer monthly installment billing, in which we combine the cost of all services and divide by the amount of payments you want to make throughout the year. Installment billing requires auto pay. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

6. How do I schedule services?

We will schedule your service based on neighborhood. We will assign a technician to your property and then schedule routes with stop that are close in proximity.

7. How do you notify me of my scheduled service?

We will notify you the day prior to your upcoming visit via email, as well as an SMS alert if you'd like to provide a cell phone number. We also send after-service emails summarizing your visit. 

8. Do I need to be home in order for a technician to treat my lawn?

If you do not have a locked gate, dog, or anything that will prevent the technician to getting the lawn, there is no need for anyone to be at the residence at the time of service.

9. Is it safe for my children and animals to be in the yard after a treatment?

The safety of family and pets is of the upmost importance to us. We are going to send a trained professional to your house and use the safest products we are able to source. By applying them correctly, we eliminate the possibility of over use or misuse of any pesticides. We ask you to allow the treatment 2 hours without disturbances. After that, it is perfectly fine to go about normal routine in the yard!

10. What if I notice weeds in my lawn between treatments?

Service calls for any concerns between treatments are no charge to any customer on our complete lawn health program.

11. Can you help me with my watering problem?

Yes, we have developed a great watering program to help you make sure that the lawn is watered properly.

12. If I signed up at the beginning of the year and already prepaid, can I add or remove services later on?

You are welcome to modify your program at any time throughout the year.

13. Why is the prepay amount online more than what the estimate shows?

The estimate does not include an 8.25% sales tax.

If you have additional questions not answered by our FAQ, please contact our office at 979-690-7300 or email