1. Battling Spring and Summer Mosquitoes

    Nothing ruins family time or an outdoor event at your home faster than being overtaken with mosquitos swarming and biting your family and guests. Not only are they an annoyance, but they also can pose harm to you and your family if they are carrying diseases such as Zika virus, West Nile virus, Chik…Read More

  2. The Nutrients Your Lawn Needs

      Just like we need food and water to give our bodies the nutrients to function at a higher level, your lawn needs the same proper care for its health as well.  Having a thick and green lawn is highly dependent upon the type of nutrients and when it receives those different nutrients.   W…Read More

  3. The Importance of Pre-Emergents

    Self-management of weeds in your lawn is a hassle, especially during this time of the year and later on in the fall. When left untreated, the weeds quickly take over your lawn and affect the health and growth of your turf-grass. Even if you treat the weeds as they appear with a post-emergent weed co…Read More

  4. Protecting Your Crape Myrtles from Insect Damage

    Crape Myrtles certainly are beautiful when they are in full-bloom. Here in Texas, some varieties bloom as early as May, while other types wait until later in the summer with blooms that continue through the fall. There are a couple of very common issues that can deter that beauty, such as aphid and …Read More

  5. fire ant mound

    How To Combat Fire Ants

    In College Station, Bryan and NW Houston, fire ants are a hassle in any home at best and can cause injury at worst. Aggieland Green is able to treat for fire ants and keep them away for the entire season. Our service is effective and it's tailored around customer convenience and satisfaction.  Abou…Read More


    Spooky season is upon us, and October is the month that we all are on the lookout to avoid scary things (or find them if you are into ghost hunting). Sometimes, it is your trees and shrubs that look a bit scary!

  7. Tackling Fall Disease & Fungus in Your Lawn

      Lawn disease or fungus, such as Brown Patch and Take All Root Rot plague lawns during this time of year because of increased moisture and decreased temperatures (especially at night). These issues are more prevalent in St. Augustine, and Zoysia lawns, and are not usually an issue for Bermuda.…Read More

  8. Brown Patch Fungus: How To Identify, Prevent, And Treat

    Your lawn is the first impression your home makes. That’s why it is so frustrating when patches of brown creep in. While brown patches may look like pockets of dead grass (and they sometimes are), generally the cause is an actual fungus called Brown Patch (Rhizoctonia solani). Here is a little mor…Read More

  9. What To Know About Your Winter Weeds

    Mild winters are one of the many benefits of living in Central Texas. Bryan-College Station is a great place to live and work, and raising a family here means we can get our kids outside much more during the winter than we could if we lived in many other parts of the country (I’m looking at you, C…Read More

  10. Fall Lawn Care in College Station

    Fall in College Station is a wonderful time of year to enjoy milder temperatures and get outside before the chillier days take hold. Whether you are headed downtown to enjoy some fantastic Texas barbecue or visiting the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, there are few places to take in fal…Read More